Top Five Home Education (Homeschool) Gadgets

Here are our top Five Gadgets for kids who are educated wholly or partly at home.
In the UK we call it Home Education, whereas in the USA it is called Home Schooling.

1. Wikireader
This tool is an abbreviated version of wikipedia on a small device that fits nicely in the hand, pocket or bag, and has a world of information on it.
It also has a parental control mechanism for adult content, and runs on standard batteries.

2. USB Stylus and Tablet
A mouse is awkward, whereas a pen/stylus is something that we have all used extensively. The basic use for these is for art programs, but if you get one of the smaller ones you will find that any GUI task is easier with a stylus.

3. High Pixel Camera Phone
The cameras built into phones are brilliant now! A good phone also has internet, and bluetooth.

4. Wii Fit
This game/platform is brilliant, well worth the money, and the only reason we decided to get a Wii. A killer app.

5. Veho USB Microscope
Not the most powerful of Microscopes, but handy, and useful. We use it to create raw textures for 3d graphics, and are currently making basic frame animation using the veho, a pile of books, and card/scissors.


Big mamma frog said...

Personally the best home ed gadget we've ever got is a decent dvd hard disk recorder with freeview built in. Oh and the cordless phone - a life-enhancing product -which means I can lock myself in the toilet away from small creatures and still have a phone conversation with other adults from the real world.

Alternicity said...

hmmm. dvd recorder with freeview sounds good...