Presents Day

We don't do Christmas.

We are not Christians, and we aren't particularly enamored of the capitalist version of the festival that has taken over either.

Why should we allow our kids to be sucked into the hype, and have their expectations influenced by multi million pound advertising campaigns when we can choose for ourselves when to have a big dinner and give/receive gifts?

We played with replacing the gift giving part with a Samhain festivity, but have now instituted a Presents Day, in the new year. We have a family gathering, big dinner, and exchange of presents. This also allows us to take advantage of the lower prices (Post Xmas) at this time of year.

No pseudo religious symbology, no purchase hype, but we keep the good parts: presents, get together, dine big.

Yum. Mine is a nut roast.


liveotherwise said...

interesting. Do you give a reason for the gift giving at that point? And what do you do if ppl outside the family give Christmas gifts or cards?

Alternicity said...

We take what is good Jax, and big family get together with presents generally is!

No one spazzes out about anyone giving us X-Mas cards (usually neighbours) and the relatives 'get it' and even agree.

Presents day is cheaper and better than Christmas, as we time it with the sales, and the families convenience, ie work schedule.

techno-mole said...

It's an interesting way of doing things, and I couldn't agree more on the commercial aspect, it seems it's no longer a festival, more a way for company's etc to extract as much cash as possible from us, why else would shops have christmas stuff in before November ?

Alternicity said...

Its a meme being manipulated into influencing spending.
Influencing happiness too!

We just edited it out.

Family of Movers said...

Thanks for your take on it. It's wonderful to all have freedom to do the things we want. BTW, I found you from Swissarmywife and thought you might enjoy my unmoneying series.