Light Bulb

This little thing lets us stay up at night,
So we can read, cook, and talk in plenty of light,
Also it’s shape means something made clear,
Above one’s head, you’ve had an idea.

(I was handed a lightbulb, this was the poem I came up with)

Haunted Museum

I see them, they see me,
One covered in ink,
one with a leaf,
and one with a cup of moldy tea.

Oh the things I know, the things I see,
This museum is haunted I say.

I have interrupted their peace,
and now I must pay.

But I must have faith in the lord,
He will protect me from their horde.

They want my freedom, they want my gold,
And over time they do grow bold.

They do not want me to know about their king.
Oh I have seen him and he is a pale thing.
He is a ghost and he wants my body as a host.

I must escape from this hellhole, 
And from him and his dolls.

Guy Smelt 1833

The Two Men

A little man stood next 
to a much bigger, and
more rounded man.

The latter threw some crumbs,
to the smaller..
Who devoured them.
The larger laughed and spilt
tea on the smaller, who -
...squealed with mad laughter.

(poem written in Municipal Council Chambers)

That Man

A chubby man,
Foul of face,
And not the brightest,
But good of heart,
And a hard worker,
He makes it far in life.

The Mad Painter

A mad painter,
Rocking his head to and fro,
He keeps sitting down and standing,
Slapping his paint brush,
Against a filthy canvas,
As rats sniff his feet,
Gods above him gloating.

(Poem by CaesarX - inspired by visit to Art Gallery)

Crown Poem

Long ago there was a slab of gold,
for a high price it was sold.

It was the most expensive thing in town,
for it was smithed into a grand crown.

Using some very fine tools,
added in were some jewels.

It was sent to a proud king,
centuries later, of this crown bards would sing.

AchillesX (11)

Absolute Value

Son2 is a bit stuck on this:

(4-10)^2 + 3^2 -|5[-4(1+2)]^2|

 (^ means to the power of and | is the absolute value symbol)

Any thoughts much appreciated.