Updated Top 10 Physics Videos

Here's the updated the Top 10 Physics Videos link.

Drawing Class

Today we had our first home ed drawing lesson in a while. This time it was in the Falmouth Art Gallery, who, unlike the Bristol Museum, provide free cups of tea! Huzzah!
  The teacher is Jonathan Koetsier, who is himself a former home educator, which is nice. CaesarX's drawing improved just in the space of one lesson as well. That top pic is Falmouth Moor, by CaesarX.

  What else is nice, is that the bakery nearby is marking tasties down by ~50% right around the time the class finishes...

Me, by CaesarX (including 15% Titan DNA apparently)

Falmouth Moor, by ShogunX.

CaesarX, by ShogunX.

Imperial Character

This is the latest team built character for our RPG game, currently named only Imperial. He may end up being the player model, or an enemy, or a companion character, we are not sure.

The T-Pose he is in is one of the best choices for rigging, which is the process of putting bones into him to control his limb animations.

Each of us contributed some work on this character and I am starting to wonder what his in game goals and dialogue will be like. His face will animate via shape keys, and he may end up being a template so we can have a whole faction based on variants of his mesh.

His armour is a Lorica Segmentata, with a modern/alt-universe texture, as he isn't supposed to be a Roman Imperial.

Circo Kernow Show

Is this visible to you, here on the blog? Currently I am getting:

It still works if you go to youtube though.

Light Bulb

This little thing lets us stay up at night,
So we can read, cook, and talk in plenty of light,
Also it’s shape means something made clear,
Above one’s head, you’ve had an idea.

(I was handed a lightbulb, this was the poem I came up with)

Haunted Museum

I see them, they see me,
One covered in ink,
one with a leaf,
and one with a cup of moldy tea.

Oh the things I know, the things I see,
This museum is haunted I say.

I have interrupted their peace,
and now I must pay.

But I must have faith in the lord,
He will protect me from their horde.

They want my freedom, they want my gold,
And over time they do grow bold.

They do not want me to know about their king.
Oh I have seen him and he is a pale thing.
He is a ghost and he wants my body as a host.

I must escape from this hellhole, 
And from him and his dolls.

Guy Smelt 1833