Fantasy Politics Drawing

Recently my partner said 'Why not have a go at completely unschooling AchillesX for a month?' This would mean letting him choose his own activities and not pestering him to do algebra or any other intellectual book-learning type activities.

I can't let go of control completely, for instance he will still have to water the plants with the rest of us and tidy up, but I can drop the pressure levels for intellectual studies for a month, despite my fears that no learning would occur.

I was wrong to be afraid of that.

Anyway the reason for all this writing is to lead up to this picture, which is the first thing he chose to do on Monday morning, after breakfast and cartoons. It is a political 'Territorial Markings' map of a make believe land.

Noth Election Campaign Territory Markings

 Kedek Stronghold

Kedek Territory

Herada Stronghold

Herada Territory

Nereek Stronghold

Nereek Territory

Wasok Stronghold

Wasok Territory

Leth Stronghold

Leth Territory

 Vote Percentages

Kedek = 20%
Herada = 17%
Nereek = 21%
Wasok = 28%
Leth = 14%

Winners: Wasok

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