The Fiery Queen

Just recently we attended a production of Fiery Queen at Redgrave Theatre. This was play written and directed by Kate Edwards of the Bristol HELP (Home Educators Learning Place) group and starring home educated children from all over Bristol.

The play was brilliant!
Everyone enjoyed it, and you could tell that a great deal off effort had gone into the whole show.

The subject of the play, was how several groups of Victorian era children manage to foil a dastardly plot in Victorian Bristol, involving the ship the Fiery Queen. The content of the play was itself quite educational as well as the experience clearly being very good for the folks involved. There were slides accompanying the play, on a projector surface alongside the stage, and the Fiery Queen herself had been on historically accurate trade routes, fetching green tea from China. Yum.

There was a strong musical element to the play, which was nice, but not so much that I would call it a musical. Previously we had also attended a performance of the full versions of the songs and that was a big success too.

I even managed to sneak CaesarX (my eldest) up into the sound/light room to have a look at the technology there!

A big thanks to everyone involved for a really neat Home Education Learning Place production...we loved it!

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