Still a Work in Progress Here

So I've been having a go at twitter recently, and have come across some interesting people, and great links.
One of the blogs I'm now following is Live Otherwise. Jax, the owner has made a badge for a certain kind of post, and I thought we could work with that, in our own kind of way.

Changes are going on around us. Winter is coming, there are rounds of layoffs at Xerrens work, the Ponzi scheme that is the UK economy continues to suck the life out of the people. Our cats are hunting more, and keeping it outside. There is another set of concerns that the government will change the laws surrounding home education, another set of people trying to create a new Mayor role for our city.

At the moment, we are staying the course. We are succeeding in our goals with our lives, even if we are not making heaps of money out of it yet, so for us it's a case of keep going, keep trying out new things; but mostly keep doing the things we know are good, and keep trying to do them better.
Living Otherwise!

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