A Blog Award Game

Here is a blog game I am playing with some other home educators.
Thankyou Lisa for awarding my blog. Lately you have taught me that I should be more open minded to people of faith.

The Rules
Thank the person(s) who nominated you and link back up them.
Tell Readers 7 things about yourself.
Pass this award onto your favorite newly discovered bloggers and let them know.

1. I suffer from psoriasis. It's a stinger, but I can cope with it. Tinnitus as well, and I can cope with that too.

2. I didn't want children.

3. I've reshaped my life around them, and am no longer an individual, but a member of my family.

4. I'm addicted to learning in a generalist top down fashion. Suggest something to me!

5. I shave my pencils down to the wood, all the way along. They are much more pleasant that way.

6. I reject nouns/labels other than 'home educator' and 'animator' (sometimes: 'blenderhead') as any others are disadvantageous. At it's heart this is a rejection of the 'I AM' principle. However..

7. I am not Anonymous.

The blogs I'd like to award are:





unschool said...

Thanks--I enjoyed reading these.

One question: do you mean you shave off the painted outside of the pencil? Then do you have to sand it, as well? I'd like to see more about this. :)

techno-mole said...

Thanks for sharing.

I never wanted kids either, wouldn't change the fact that I now have 4, 2 step daughters and a son and daughter of my own, kids are great.

Alternicity said...

Suzie - Yes I shave off the paint, but no I don't sand it. I like the rough finish. I took a pic a while ago then forgot to upload it...

Logan has tried a couple of times to video Flynt getting his teeth brushed, but it keeps turning out too dark. We will try again!

techno-mole - I wouldn't change a thing now either. In fact I think I would like a daughter as well.
Not looking forward to empty nest syndrome!

Lisa White said...

You're very welcome. Loved reading the 7 reasons about you. I often wonder what the empty nest will feel like too. Then I stop and live to enjoy the moment as I am seriously running out of bed space to put children lol.

KP Nuts said...

intrigued by shaving pencils. Photos please...

Alternicity said...


It's quite relaxing doing the actual shaving. More so than say, peeling a veg.

unschool said...

They look nice--and I see you sharpen your pencils with a knife, too, as did my dad.