List of public complaints regarding the bbc websites Khyra Ishaq article.

Here is a list of public complaints regarding the's Khyra Ishaq article.
Please contact me if I have missed one.

Comparison of Media Outlets

Khyra Ishaq was NOT home educated.

There is no record of Khyra being de registered from school.

My heart aches for Khyra Ishaq and what she suffered. I have cried for this child and held my own children close.

Social services were unconcerned.

Graham Badman said himself in his own report, which the government accepted in full, that he found NO EVIDENCE that home education was being used as a cover for abuse.

Since when did the BBC become a part of the labour party political machine?

This case is being reported as a child withdrawn from school to be home educated and then being starved to death. Factually this is inaccurate –

A child STEALS food IN SCHOOL and home education is to blame? Evidence please.

The BBC has a responsibility to follow the Broadcasting Code on impartial and accurate information in its news reporting.

Perhaps you, or Margaret Ryan herself, would answer the following questions. 

Totalitarian propagandists exploit Khyra Ishaq case to discredit homeschooling.

Home education is entirely irrelevant to this case.

Being enrolled at school did not save Khyra. Being a long-term truant certainly didn’t save her, since no-one quite noticed.

Most other media outlets managed to report the facts of the case without blindly presenting the government’s justification for the stigmatisation of home educators.

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Ed Balls' statement, linking home education to Khyra's death is a disgrace. He's misleading the public to push his own agenda.

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Ben said...

Hi - All those who complained to the BBC re coverage of Khyra Ishaq and have not yet received a reply - please call 03700 100 222 and follow it up - quoting their "aim to reply within 10 days". Ideally you get a reference number (to make subsequent calls easier) and you can lodge another complaint about how long the current one is taking.