Excellent Home Education Weekend

We have just had an excellent Home Education weekend.

We've had relatives come to stay, which has been nice.

We've taken part in a really cool Geography Jamboree at our local Home ed group. About ten families took part, each having a table, and bringing loads of objects and displays based around a different place on the globe.

There was a Mexico table, a Poland table and an Egypt table. Our table was half Cornish and half Philippines.
All of this outdoors and in the gorgeous sun.
Everyone enjoyed it and our kids got a free Maths lesson from a visiting math student that day too.

Today we have been attending the Barton Hill Animation Festival which followed on from an animation workshop the other week at the Cameron Centre.* We missed quite a bit of it, but were able to attend a foley sound workshop which was what we wanted to do the most. This was heaps of fun, and really good education for us as sound production is something that lags behind our own animation.

We made plasticene creatures, here they are:

This is CaesarX's:

This was AchillesX's:

This was Xerren's:

And this one might be familiar from the header of this blog:
These last two could not enter the competition, as we do not technically count as children any more.

We also made some badges:

And spinning plate paintings:

Here is a version of the Eyestalk Creature with a plate painting UV mapped to its eye color.

We also caught some animations by Matthew Walker.

There was other stuff going on too, but we didn't get involved with all of it, but worth mentioning was the food, which was healthy, tasty and great value - especially compared to cafes we have visited closer to the centre of Bristol.

This guy was made from bicycle pieces, and got broken by the end of the day. No it wasn't one of my kids!

I'm pretty sure we'll attend next years event.

*Hopefully these original animations will be put up on the web soon.


Buffybaskey said...

wow they are fab! i love the plate :-) xx

Alternicity said...

The plates were fun. You pedal the contraption and the plate spins.. your child drops paint from above.