Todays Home Education meeting was amazingly cool.

Todays HE meeting was amazingly cool.


We recorded some sounds, rap, and other vocals from a couple of kids, and one parent. These are pretty cool. There was the usual playground fun going on. The maths tutor had the kids running around measuring the circumference/perimeter/angle of things in the playground and they were recording it. I managed to squeeze a tiny bit of algebra into this.

The perimeter of a rectangular sand pit is 2x + 2y, where x and y are width and length.
The units we were working in were 'DoubleCaesarXFeet'; each 45 cm.

Some people were playing Carcasonne, which looked cool. We've never played that yet but have a copy of Settlers of Catan. Settlers rocks...the trick to keeping it fun is to keep the turn sequence moving briskly.

I had a brilliant experience watching some animations with laughing children. That was very cool. I now have a mission to figure out a computer equipped HE venue.

Current leading candidates are Bristol Central Library, and the Bristol Wifi crew.

There were new people at the HE group today. They looked happy.

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