Quantum Tunnelling Composite

Todays home education included a good deal of garden play, potting and burning leaves with a magnifying glass, because it was so sunny.

However, we have also made an animation and built the final circuit from our Maplins Electronics kit, one which uses a cool component called a Quantum Tunnelling Composite pill.

The circuit has a QTC pill between two all metal spoons, which are connected to +ve and -ve, with a motor wired in series also.

The harder the spoons press the pill, the faster the motor runs.

The QTC pill starts as a insulator but conducts better when squeezed. You can see it in the above picture as a small black object on top of the left spoon.

The booklet claims that it 'teleports' electrons across tiny gaps. This circuit is a form of analogue resistor, rather than a digital switch. There isn't a whole heap of information about QTC, so if you have a good link, please share it!

Watch Quantum Tunnelling Composite in Animation  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

We will probably do another version of this animation to make the electrons a bit more teleporty.

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