Response the BBC Trust Consultation regarding Asian Network

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please do not close the Asian Network radio station. I home educate my children and consequently we spend considerable time together in our home. Parallel  with Radio 3, the Asian network provides us with an excellent educational portal into a culture that we have no roots in, but which is an important part of multicultural UK, and global society.

Bhangra in particular also provides an excellent motivation to dance which is a very good thing. It does not bother us one bit that we frequently cannot understand what is being said or sung by DJ or artist.

Once again: please keep Asian Network. It is far more important to us, and unique from the mainstream bbc media channels.

Thanks for your time,
Stuart Dunstan

We don't now where we can listen to any asian music other than Asian net.
BBC Trust, please don't close it.
Raphael (9)

BBC Trust please don't close asian network, because we don't know where to find any other bangra music.
Logan (7)

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