Retrieving Biro with HE Illumination

An unexpected turn to todays Home Education.

While tidying up, a biro fell down the back of the gas fire we have, landing inside, a few inches down, on a platform:

After a few moments trying to even see the damn thing, and a few more testing the fire itself for usefulness, I got to work on getting the pen out, with the help of my son, who I sometimes refer to as AchillesX.

That might melt, and stink, and give out poisonous particles when we next turn the fire on I explain to AchillesX, who is asking why am I bothering.

The pen:
Why do we even own one of these vile things? I have switched over to digital text or pencil almost entirely now. All biros are good for is signing bank cards.

We made some tools:

The red thing is a cardboard chute, which would catch the pen and guide it out.

The two copper wires are supposedly Art Stuff, as you can see from the wavyness. These were bent into various shapes to move the pen (painstakingly) along the platform it was on, and align it with the cardboard.

Fretting that we have no working torch in our house atm, I told AchillesX to make me one; that is the simple circuit you can see in the pic there. It was essential, as my phone screen would not cast enough light for me to see what was going on.

It took quite a while, and we had to stop for food, and to remain calm, and physically comfortable, as this task required an awkward body position.

Dammit pen I WILL HAVE YOU!!!

Remain calm. Zen Like. Repeat the procedure.

CaesarX is in the other room, rigging an Odd Creature, listening to Bear McCreary.

Eventually, I got the pen onto the chute, tilted and pulled it out. Success!

Anyway it made for a tense but rewarding half hour or so.
It made AchillesX laugh once we were done, and now a circuit he can build has actually become useful.

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