Some Home Education Resources Aug 2011

Some emphasis on being free (price) and freedom, as in free software.

Khan Academy - Maths and other tutorials.

Math visualizations.

Blender - Animation and image creation, video editing, game creation.

GIMP - Raster graphics.

Audacity - Sound editing.

Charity book shops.

Unity3d - Game making tool, free as in free beer.

topdocumentaryfilms Contains some adult/PG material.

Lately we've been enjoying the short educational videos on the abchungrybeast channel.

Soundcloud and Mixcloud for discovering new music.

Amazing music genre/playlist for improving the mood in a room or person. Powerful stuff this. I can imagine WW3 breaking out and I will be tapping my foot with "Swing, swing, swing, swing..." running through my head.
Free motivational music.

Selected twitter, youtube, wikipedia and google channels/files/services depending on your interest. Always check if someone has uploaded a video when you get interested in something. Just about any music is available on youtube.

Total War games, in conjunction with other historical media, for learning history. Non free software but great fun, which is useful for history.

Wikireader Wikipedia in your pocket.

SAS Survival Handbook - in case the Predators arrive. You will also need mud, and a chopper to get to.

Academicearth - alternatively, you could go massively into debt to attend college.

TED There is a lot more here than that video.

Keiser Report
Business, markets and political analysis videos with Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert. Lulz, culture etc. Pick through em when your kids are playing outside, for watching later on. (I mean that, some adult content)

Okami for the Wii Sheer beauty, student pacification.

Update: Check out Suzie's Tutorials.

This is a current list, see also the sidebars on this blog. Please contact me with any other suggestions, cool links etc. This post is part of a Home ed resources carnival, started by Jax. Check out the other lists.


KP Nuts said...

Great round up of links

KP Nuts said...

I know what you mean about free - everytime I think I need to buy a program we seem to find it for free somewhere.

Rae said...

Fantastic - we all love the freebies! I particularly love that you have included music and I agree that TED is superb. Those talks are SUCH high quality. I missed the deadline but would love you to take a look at the 10 free Home Ed resources I listed on my site today:

Warm wishes
Rae aka mrs green @littlegreenblo