Things Could Always Be Worse

Things could always be worse. That is what Robert R.Provine is optimistic about. He wonders whether this is a good source of optimism, knowing your life could be worse. You have probably heard of the saying 'the grass is greener'. This theory is pretty much the opposite. Sometimes 'less is more'. In this case, the green grass makes you just want even greener grass. Also, the green grass will wither, and become as yellow as the grass that you left. If you have a green patch of say, 1, and it withers, if you jump to another patch of grass with a greenness of 1 also, you will not be as satisfied as when you first had a patch with a greenness of 1. The reason for this is you  consciously or unconsciously try to continually beat yourself. Humans are very competitive. Philosophers and scientists generally agree that life is not so much of a race, so much as a marathon, not so much as completing a goal as a long voyage.

By AchillesX (9)

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