Optimism #2 :: Cultural Divide is Decreasing

  Carlo Rovelli is optimistic that humans are increasingly realizing that thinking rationally is far greater than thinking irrationally. At the same time, more people are thinking scientifically. This scientific thinking is leaving a traditional superficiality behind. It is regaining communication with the rest of the culture, learning how to deal with the complex web known as the human experience and the search for knowledge. Not everyone believes in science, for example priests, but it is growing.

 In the small world of academia, Carlo Rovelli sees the senseless divide between scientists and the culture is disintegrating. This might be what Charles Percy Snow's book 'The Third Culture' is about, says my Dad. Some intellectuals realize that we cannot understand the complex nature of knowledge unless we examine it all, and not just as individual subjects.

 If a contemporary philosopher ignores scientific thinking, he or she is disconnected from reality. Scientists are coming out of their lab and speaking their mind. History makes it look like horrible things like greed and war are going to stick to us like glue. However, that is judging the future from the past. The future is what the world makes of it.

By AchillesX (9)

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